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Anodised Aluminium is the most popular type of metal nameplate for applications such as rating plates for electrical and industrial equipment, instrument panels and machine control panels, etc. It combines an attractive appearance with excellent durability of image, even in arduous industrial environments.

Variable Information, Consecutive Numbering etc.
Aluminium is highly suitable for the addition of variable information (either at the point of manufacture, or on site by the customer) by utilizing metal punches to permanently indent data into prepared panels on the plate. Also, our computer controlled numbering machine can consecutively number your plates with virtually any height of number you require.

Metal Thickness
The thickness of the aluminium used normally ranges from 24 swg. (0.5 mm) to 10 swg (3mm) but other gauges are available to meet particular requirements.

This Diagram shows the composition of our Anodised Aluminium Nameplates, and illustrates how the dye penetration makes the print so durable.


Anodised aluminium is unusual because the image is actually fused into the surface of the metal, which thus imparts great durability to the printed information. To achieve this effect the metal is first treated with acid and electricity to create a hard dye receptive anodised coating on the surface. The image is then printed using special dye inks, which are absorbed by this anodic layer to become part of the actual aluminium. The anodic dye, penetrating deep into the aluminium (12 microns), produces labels that are much more resistant to abrasion than would be the case with surface printed inks

Our stock anodic colours are Black, Red, Dark Blue, Light Blue, Green, Yellow, Brown, all of which are available in an attractive satin brushed finish. Please note that all anodic colours (with the exception of black) are transparent dyes, and so give metallic colours, Pantone or other non-metallic colours are available, but these would be surface printed inks, which are not as durable as the anodic colours.

Fixing Holes, Radius Corners, Special Shapes etc.
To ensure that your labels are produced to the highest standard, at the best possible price, we utilize the very latest computer controlled metal punching press. Most standard fixing holes, radius corners etc. are available free of charge from our vast range of stock tooling. For special requirements we can supply custom tooling at low cost.

Adhesives, Protective Film etc.
A range of medium and hi-performance pressure sensitive adhesives can be specified for coating onto the reverse side of the nameplates. They are supplied with an easy to remove release liner. The face side of the nameplate can also have a cleanly removable clear protective film applied, which will help to preserve the pristine appearance of your nameplates during manufacture or assembly of your product. The face film can also act as a paint spray mask.

Product info is available in Acrobat PDF format. To view these files, you must have Adobe Acrobat Reader.
Labels & Nameplates Leaflet (PDF, 159 kb)

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